Career Test and Why It’s Important

Career Test And Why It's ImportantCareer Tests and Career Assessments Helped Me Get into Work I Want to Do, and so will you after you read this article.

I’m one of those people who thinks he was going to college for the wrong thing. I felt a bit of pressure to follow in the footsteps of my dad and grandfather who became lawyers. My brother did not join the family business, and I kind of got the feeling that there was a lot of disappointment toward his career choice. My sister is a lawyer and thriving at it. I dread getting up and going to work now. This is why I decided to participate in career tests and career assessments.

I was working at the family law firm as an intern while attending school. I was in my second semester when I asked to be tested and assessed for what my ideal career would likely be. I had an interest in law and justice, but more of a hands-on interest rather than a philosophical or intellectual approach to law. The testing showed clearly that I would likely make an excellent police officer. Not just any officer, but a detective or Federal investigator.

I knew that I would either have to work as a patrolman for a number of years until earning a gold shield, or I would have to go into work at a federal agency as an expert in a field. When I switched my major at college, my interest shot up a thousand percent. Even working at the family firm was okay now that I had a goal of being something I wanted to be that fit with my personality and goals.

Getting into the street level work of justice and law enforcement was where it was at for me. I will leave the courtroom work to those who are much more enthused and competent with it such as my dad, grandfather and sister. I can say that the career tests and career assessments helped me make a decision to do get into work I like to do rather than work I felt I had to do. Source


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Career Test And Why It's Important

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