Mission Statement

Mission StatementOur Mission Statement:

  This program was created for the men and women of today and tomorrow, and designed to prepare them for the fast pace and technical work force through our Career Assessment Program. Our primary objective is to provide quality career counseling, career coaching, and career assessments. We will provide your organization, college, and school, with essential career choices.
Every staff member is state licensed, and holds a certificate in school counseling, vocational evaluation, and transition to work, along with a Master’s Degree in counseling and University approved training in the career assessment areas.


mission statement

Other qualifications are:

  • Over thirty years of Philosophy and Process of Vocational Evaluation and Assessments.
  • Career Analysis and Interpretations.
  • Occupational Information Specialist.
  • Pre-Career interviewing, Individualized Career Planning, and Coaching.
  • Mastery in using Hands on Assessments.
  • Functional Age Appropriate Assessments.
  • Standardized Work Samples and Career Systems.
  • Profession agencies, school and community referrals are welcome.


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